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Summer is solidly here, and I hope you are enjoying the season with friends and family.

It’s the time of quick getaways, reunions with loved ones, and a chance to explore the path less trodden.

If you’re wanting something close to home to do, look no further than our list of the hottest, most fun events happening around the city – we have the best festivals covered.

Celebrate Father’s Day by scouring a perfect gift for the special man in your life. Check out our photo feature for interesting and cool gift ideas.

The big news this month is how home sales are starting to look up, since spring. We have all the information – including which areas are going up and which are still stagnant across the country – in a brief explainer and infographic.

As the weather turns up, your house might also be heating up. Don’t want the expensive AC bill? We have some advice on keeping cool the green way.

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Sustainival (June 6 – 9)
A green-powered festival all about sustainability.
Summer Solstice Music Festival (June 11 – 21)
The 12th music festival hosted by Edmonton Chamber Music Society.
Improvaganza (June 12 – 22)
An international improve and sketch comedy festival with ten days of laughter.
Tri A Taste (June 15)
A food festival bringing flavours together from around the world.
Freewill Shakespeare Festival (June 18 – July)
Different variations of Shakespeare’s productions, from the contemporary to professional.
International Jazz Festival (June 21 – June 3)
More than 50 concerts are orchestrated at different venues around the city.
Boodang Outdoor Music Festival (June 28 – 30)
A three-day festival of music, hosted outside where you can enjoy the warm weather.

Across the country, according to The Canadian Real Estate Association, home sales have improved over the month of April 2019.

The climb in sales comes after a steep drop the month before, with February seeing some of the lowest levels since 2012.

Nationally, home sales increased 3.6 per cent month-to-month. In terms of local markets, 60 per cent saw an increase in sales with Greater Toronto Area making up the bulk of that with over half the national gains.

In addition to the Greater Toronto Area’s gains, Montreal also saw a significant increase. That’s in sharp contrast to the Lower Mainland in B.C., which saw a drop off  — in large part due to the changes in housing policies by the provincial government.

In additional to home sales, the number of new listings on the market has also jumped 2.7 per cent, particularly in the Greater Toronto Area and Ottawa.

For a full break down of percentage change year to year by city and the prices, check out the infographic below:


Sunny days and warm temperatures are a welcomed sign of summer coming. But it’s not too long before things start to get hot in the house— maybe too hot.

Putting a large AC unit in every room of the house or installing a swimming pool in the backyard might seem like great ways to keep cool, they’re also hugely expensive.

Here are some tips to cool things down without breaking the bank.

1. Grow some houseplants
Some plants, like cacti and bromeliads, take in water from the air and so can help reduce humidity in your home. That keeps everything cooler.

2. Buy a dehumidifier
If the plants aren’t cutting it, buy a dehumidifier to do the same job of removing moisture from the air and making you feel cooler even at hot temperatures.

3. Close your blinds
It might be nice to have rays of sunlight streaming in through the windows, but it heats up the space very quickly. Keeping the light out during the peak sunlight hours can reduce the temperature in your home from 10-15 C.

4. Shade the outside
If you can’t stand having the blinds drawn and a dark house, shade the outside of your windows with awnings. This will at least cool the air before it enters.

5. Reverse your fans
Setting the ceiling fans to spin counter-clockwise helps pull hot air up and away, rather than pushing it down towards you. In general, you want to pull warm air away rather than just move it around.

6. Cool sheets
Choosing materials that wick away heat and moisture – like silk or cotton — for your bed sheets can help you feel much better at night.

7. Create a flow of air
Be strategic about where you place fans and which doors you open to create a flow of air moving throughout the house.

8. Self-care
If you’re feeling good yourself, the weather will feel more manageable. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated, avoid exertion and wear appropriate clothes

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